Selling at the same time is an art and a science.
Being at the right place at the right time with a right offer which is rightly communicated is the key to succeed in selling. Though the term marketing encompass much more than just selling, it definitely is the core pillar.

While selling especially in a B2B scenario, the value proposition is very important. One cannot expect much impulse buying there. Buying decisions are usually taken after thorough discussions only.  So the value in offering and customer’s understanding in it becomes prime factors.
Moreover, customer has to be ready to purchase the product that interest them, lot of convincing may have to be put in for the customer to make a final decision. Thus, need based timing  becomes quite important.

But, how can a marketer pinpoint new prospects and even then, properly assess, whether the prospect is organic and can likely to go in for a purchase?

Marketers use many different ways to assess prospect interest. This include aspects like, what has the lead enquired about the product, how the prospect was brought in, if via ads, keywords that helped to generate maximum interest, which links are followed, what is the page bounce rate etc.

The ability of the marketer to build a viable customer list is of prime importance. The following are certain tools/scenarios one can use to build a larger customer base.

Brand Awareness: In B2B marketing also, It helps to embed vendor’s brand in customers mind frame. It creates an environment of faith. With high brand awareness, repeat customers keep coming in and thus, vendor profit also increases substantially. Better brand awareness, ultimately results in better customer experience, which can result in lasting goodwill buildup also.

Social Media Marketing: With better and detailed customer profile at hand, it’s easy to determine what customer is looking for and marketer can tailor custom presentations at short notice.

TeleMarketing: Telemarketing raise conversion rates like no other. Its personalized one-on-one marketing. With a properly weeded out list, telemarketing can do wonders in B2B selling. Since its an interactive scenario, customer queries can be cleared immediately resulting in quicker turnaround of orders.

LiveHelp/Chat systems: Like telemarketing, this is aimed to be productive by rapid conversion and faster turnaround of orders. It can be as interactive as telecalling and direct interaction. Since marketers share existing online assets, it can also work out to be much more cheaper than telemarketing. With basic CRM modules in place, customer maintenance would be easier short term as well as long term.

Data Visualization: Many online dashboards provide this. With detailed analytics in place, marketers can have access to reliable performance indicators and optimize own marketing plans.

Graphic Codes: Graphic codes like bar codes, especially QR codes, allow efficient tracking of digital links even when these are advertised on non-digital media like news papers, posters etc.

Email: Every marketing company out there use email campaigns to generate customer interest. This is also an apt tool to rekindle further product interest among existing customers. It’s an economical marketing option.

All these techniques culminate to one point, the importance of lead generation. One has to create the buzz and build proper lists to make use of many of these marketing tools. Among the options available to generate fresh leads, prominent ones of course are advertising and content marketing. 
Online and offline ads can be used to build awareness about marketer’s value proposition. The fresh leads generated and among that, those did not converted immediately can be interacted with again, to squeeze out more conversions later.

One thing everyone out there unanimously agree upon is the importance of content marketing. Authentic articles and blogs that relates to the marketer’s value proposition gets indexed by search engines and divert organic traffic to marketer’s website.
This being natural search engine diverted crowd, it usually result in better conversion than even paid ads.  Marketer’s interested in such a traffic can achieve it by integrating a CMS to their existing web site. If do not have a site at all, its worthwhile to deploy one, a website with content management system integrated.
This traffic via search engine listed content is also absolutely free!

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