Traditionally export of goods and services are well supported by the Government of India. Export brings in much needed foreign exchange to country's coffers. In comparison with old times, due to the advent of internet and uninterrupted passage of information via it, securing distant clientele and orders have become much easier.

Emergence of ecommerce as a viable platform to do business efficiently and remotely have additionally fueled the growth of exports. Online sales trough ecommerce, locally and internationally is growing exponentially, as more and more customers are using it now to purchase things they need and don't!

Traditional bulk importers from Europe and US markets etc. with their bulk purchase model is still going strong. But, unlike this, for small exporters, ecommerce has opened up channels to reach mini and micro consumers from those markets who are willing to import directly their requirements from India etc. to cut out some middle men.

Ecommerce is making its mark in both B2B as well as B2C segments. In India, some of the fastest growing companies focus their activities on to ecommerce.

Companies or individuals plan to grow via ecommerce and exports would welcome the government policies on various exemptions and concessions related to it.

One of the basic exemption provided by the Government of India is tax related. Many of the export related expenditures can get even full income tax exemption.

Expenses incurred on promotional services like for foreign tour expenses, for marketing services, for expenses incurred for the purpose of establishing foreign offices, for advertising on popular media and related trade journals etc come in this category.

Exporters can also request concessions or part redemption of payments made in certain cases like transportation charges of railway regarding  goods to export, transportation of export goods to the port etc.

Whenever the government is a prime supplier of any goods or raw materials, an exporter’s requests for supplies are handled preferentially, though these cases generally arise only in bulk commodities like ores, certain wood items etc.
The industrial policy of the government also extend many import facilities to the exporters to make use of.

Since exports are making significant contributions to the foreign exchange exchequer and also creating many jobs, Government of India grant prestigious awards to recognize those in this industry every year.

Exports with the backup of ecommerce is bound to grow by leaps and bounds. Even start ups are making it big in export sector, especially in service sector.

If not in this bandwagon already, organizations should take concrete steps to increase their online presence. Being so, you are accessible 24/7 to audience far and wide, actually worldwide!
Also, online customer interaction facilities are easy to maintain and operate.

Its little wonder, experts from many industries, be it manufacturing sector, service sector or even small traders are unanimous on one point, ecommerce is the future, it is the way to go.

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