Who wants to make presentations….

From school goers to the presidents of fortune grade companies make use of presentations for various purposes.

Actually we all do presentations every now and then even without being aware about it. Without any software or even paper or even preparation for that matter!

Remember that mama’s garage sale? What was she doing just before opening the doors to her basement?

Of course official level presentations couldn’t have to be that much, well… unofficial.
Because, a presentation is usually aimed at achieving multiple purposes like creating awareness, making capitalizable rapport, generate sales, seeking funds for expansion and so on.

So presentations are bound to be complex but, our aim should be to simplify the content without diluting the core points to communicate.
It also has to be specifically noted, covering presentation slides line by line makes a drab job for sure. This type of outlining content is not anymore in fashion.

One quality of successful presenters and speakers is the ability to make dramatic inclusions, like stories that can enrich the message the presentation is intended to convey. This can be stories related to personal experiences.

A professionally conducted presentation makes it a point to engage the participants. This makes the session truly upbeat.  By engaging the audience, you also convey, how important they are to you.

One way to maintain the focus upon you is to move around. A moving target is always in attention!
Even moving among the audience should be considered as it’s a wonderful way to interact with them.
Having an FM remote microphone would be very useful in order to move around.

To keep the audience attention more on you than the slide screen, do presentations in lighted rooms, this also makes it easier to move around among the crowd. Being the focal point has many advantages, one is, your narratives on personal experience, out of slide stories etc. can grab proper attention.  The jokes you might pass on in between can be easier to sink in. 

Even while you move around, avoid turning your back against any group of audience, at least for long durations. This happens while in interactive sessions. Even if answering one individual, even while giving proper attention to the question and the person who asked it, shift weight and turn to address others also.

Now, back on to the slides, avoid cluttering at any cost. A clean slide is much easier to comprehend.  So a well conveyed presentation starts with simple easy to follow slide content.  Thus, simplicity is the class we need achieve but, it require some input from your part.

Presenters need to be well studied, by that... one builds up a complete picture about the offers, techniques and about the presentation itself. But while presenting, the problem is, in the height of enthusiasm many shoot off and elaborate too much….

Presentation is about communicating, images can speak much more than what’s spoken, or at least compliment what’s being spoken.  Use descriptive images to convey the points well. This is more so, when raw data like sales figures, performance analyzes and other statistical information is passed on.

So, if you have something to present, and have fourty positives to speak off... please, don’t shoot out yet, select the most catching, interesting four to add to the slides. In the course of the speech, you may mention, say, a four more. Balance of the time duration of the presentation can be spent to enforce and elaborate that 20% of the main points and to ‘work on their mind’ by engaging with your audience in various ways.
That’s it!

Inform the audience about the balance thirty two via some take home pack like pamphlets in a file folder. Give them an opportunity to do some exploring of their own, let them discover some positives about your offer by themselves.
Now, we call that a successful presentation, though only four or five out of fourty came out on slides, and another four or five just communicated vocally. About 80% of the fine details are conveyed trough alternate channels and these were not included in the frontend presentation at all!!

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