Why reliable delivery channels are important for an ecommerce business?

Logistics is an important factor that very much influence efficient operation of any business out there, more so for ecommerce, because of its end to end retailing model, mostly.

Ecommerce sector in the country is growing like anything. With the ever growing usage of mobile devices and expanding consumer base, this business is literally exploding.

Any business to grow at a fast rate, requires solid infrastructure and support service backup. In the case of ecommerce also support service plays a crucial role.

One service an ecommerce entrepreneur has to streamline is the delivery of customer orders. An order that’s delivered on time is goodwill points for grabs and favorable review for the business. It also means continued access to a very probable repeat customer.

Businesses need to generate adequate customer awareness and traffic volume to keep the operation above B.E.P. Advertising is expensive, though no business can do without it. Repeat customers are almost free, as generally, expenses and efforts to bring back one is much lower than attracting a new one. A repeat customer has already compensated for those expenses by placing their earlier order itself.
So, repeat orders are bonuses.

Since most important for customer satisfaction is to ensure timely delivery, ecommerce organisations have to make proper tie-ups with reliable logistics providers. Many big players have gone to the extent of setting up of own delivery channels to ensure timely disbursal and to cut cost.

Entrepreneurs should evaluate the market reviews and collect alternative feedbacks about the partnering organisations before finalizing any long term tie ups, here, with ecommerce, all possible feedbacks on performance, areas they are directly operating and other similar relevant details of the logistics partner need to be evaluated thoroughly.

Many courier companies offer sizeable margins even to new setups, eyeing the possible future business. For fresh ecommerce stores, until a sizeable delivery volume is reached, its prudent to not enter into any agreement regarding any guarantees on number of deliveries that can be offered to courier.
Even without any such agreement, many couriers do offer sizeable margins for businesses.

The technological competence of the courier company is of utmost importance for an ecommerce business that plans for the future. Real time tracking is to assure customers that the position of packages on the way can be pinpointed and orders will get delivered on time. Most of the upbeat courier organizations offer real time package tracking by default.

The ecommerce business need to link their order number and parcel code to provide this service from their site or alternatively, can simply send an email/message to the customer mentioning order code and the courier package code along with a link to courier company website.

Usually courier companies have collection facility, don’t use it unless they have some sort of arrangement to issue a genuine courier pack code/tracking code on the spot or can give assurance to deliver matching tracking code for the order numbers on packing slip as a csv or spreadsheet file once the packs processed at their office, or else, make separate arrangement to deliver pack slip attached parcels and collect tracking code manually, enter these along with customer email/phone_ number and sent it.

Once a tracking code is generated/collected, immediately message the customer with this so that customer can be assured of dispatch.
Satisfied customers means a growing business!

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