We provide IT consultation for businesses to streamline and expand, capitalizing the internet backbone.

We focus on proven open source technologies and are geared to provide IT services reasonably. So, even small and medium sized organizations can capitalize web in all its possibilities.

Our consulting is aimed to be practical and slim, so that your business objectives and that of your customer's when they interact with you, can be attained at the earliest.

We provide reliable support in web asset management, enhancement, process streamlining, with a focus on web based solutions with or without ecommerce facility
Additionals include content management systems, livehelp/chat systems for customer interaction, ERP systems.

The process we follow is service centric. A job is said to have initiated only after evaluating customer’s business strategy, its requirements and enough material is collected to draw a draft system.

After interactions and consensus, an appropriate backend process is drafted.
Again, where it is needed, frontend UI mockups are delivered and improved upon.
Sampler backend systems are pre-loaded if the customer so requires to evaluate.

Additionally, we also provide many in-between services in-house, like enhancement of store and ad graphics, search engine optimization, other brand visibility supports and marketing strategy redraw etc.